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Shika Arcades SOZU.S1 for SFC



Created with a passion for industrial design, innovation, 16-bit era games and Japanese arcades. Shika Arcades brings you the most exquisite products, crafted for the most discerning of retro gaming enthusiasts who seek the pinnacle of excellence for their collection. 

Using cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques mixed with traditional skills, our aim is to bring you designs that you will love and cherish forever.

In our products you will find the highest quality materials and components, using unique materials and processes to present you something that is truly special.

Our debut product to launch is the exclusive First Edition Sozu.S1 arcade stick for the SNES & Super Famicom consoles. There will be just 100 units made and are due for release soon. Subscribe to our VIP list below to be notified when stock is available.






Sozu has subtle influences from traditional Japanese design. The recess around the Start & Select buttons are profiled and inspired by the karahafu gables often seen on Japanese castles & shrines.

In particular, transience as regarded in wabi-sabi aesthetics and the reflection of mono-no-aware have each played a part in Sozu's design. Materials have been chosen that will display a beautiful patina with age, from the solid brass inlayed token to the raw machined aluminum components.

Like a fine musical instrument, each one will acquire its own distinct character over time. Simirlarly the natural variations in the bamboo surface ensure no two pieces are ever the same, your product is unique and exclusive to you.  



The Making of Sozu: A quick "behind the scenes" peek at a small proportion of the work that goes into crafting the Sozu.S1 arcade stick. This shows some First Edition units going through various processes from design to completion. 

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SOZU.S1: First Edition Arcade

Whilst playing Pocky & Rocky one day I became increasingly frustrated with the controller experience. I wanted the control accuracy and responsiveness as when playing the arcade version KiKi KaiKai on my 90's arcade cabinet. With a huge array of titles being conceived, first for the arcades before being released on SNES, I began my mission to create an unparalleled arcade controller for the SNES purist. Providing a unique 90s Japanese arcade experience at home and then some...

My aim was a highly tactile, beautiful controller, incomparable in form, function and quality from what predated it. With months of design, research and revision, SOZU has been born, a controller that could be of the period and definitely one for the connoisseur.

SOZU.S1 is the most uncompromising controller ever created for SNES & SFC consoles. Made from the finest materials, custom-made components such as the 'piston head' aluminium turbo control, superior Sanwa parts from Japan and vintage high quality switchgear. Each unit is produced by me, so you can be sure my eye for detail and care is carried through from design, manufacture to dispatch.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our products and that they can take pride of place in your collection.


Ed Taylor

Shika Arcades Ltd.



INSTAGRAM / @shika_arcades



Please note: Due to the time consuming manufacturing process and to ensure the highest quality, the First Edition units of SOZU.S1 will be released in small batches of around 20 until I have completed the 100 units. Please subscribe to the mailing list to be first notified when stock is available and for further updates. Specification subject to change without prior notice. 



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