Assault Suits Valken 重装機兵ヴァルケン


Assault Suits Valken 重装機兵ヴァルケン, is a run and gun game released in 1992 for the Super Famicom. 

Is an side-scolling action game by メサイヤ(日本コンピューターシステム / Masaya and published by Nippon Computer System (NCS). In 2101, the Colonies and the Earth Federation are at war - stocks of fossil oil are dwindling and reports of violent clashes between the two sides have ignited a brutal conflict. The player takes control of Jake, a first class pilot from the Assault Suit squadron. He operates the ASS-117A Valken, a large humanoid-mecha suit of armor, and undertakes various military missions of strategic values. Each level begins with a short briefing before putting the player in a combat situation.




Assault Suits Valken


Developer(s) NCS Corp | Publisher(s) Masaya (Super Famicom)  Director(s) Toshiro Tsuchida  Designer(s) Akira Nakai, Keisuke Tadakuma, Saito Takahiro 

Artist(s) Satoshi Urasuhara  Programmer(s) Hideo Suzuki, Tetsuya Oya, Yukihiro Higuchi, Kawano Yukihiro  Supervisor(s) Mikio Shibuya 

Composer(s) Ovas  Supervisor(s) Mikio Shibuya  Release date(s) JP December 18, 1992 Genre(s) Action games Mode(s) Single player



Over the lunar resource extraction right, the world was divided into two sides of the Pacific Rim United States and the European Asian Union and fought. And in 2101, World War IV broke out. A manned robot weapon "assault suits (heavy equipment soldiers)" developed at the end of the last war has become the main character of the battlefield, intense fighting has been fought over the universe and on the ground. Lieutenant Jake, belonging to the US military assault charge landing ship Bersis, will board the heavy equipment soldier Valken and throw himself in the forefront.

The battlefield passes through Space Colonies , Space, Space Fortress Strategy Battle, Atmosphere Rush, Alpine Mountains and goes to Capital Capture Operation Operation · Soldier Soul . The end of the story is different depending on the midfield fortress fighting game and the success or failure of the shuttle shot down. 








It is a side scrolling action game which manipulates a robot . There are five types of weapons: Vulcan artillery with excellent firefighting performance , punch for short range fighting, missiles with tracking capability , lasers with penetrating performance, and napalm that is a hidden weapon, and switching arbitrarily for what you possess Possible. For some things you need to get something falling during the game. The gun barrel can be adjusted up and down in units of 30 degrees, it can attack in all 12 directions, and you can fix the gun barrel by keeping the button pressed. Other jump buttons, dash buttons, defensive buttons are available.

It is 2D side view action shooting game, with or without gravity depending on the stage. Walken 's own machine can select and operate multiple firearms and equipments, and by picking up the container placed in the stage, we can increase the power of equipped weapons. Based on the fact that the difficulty of the "heavy equipment soldier Reynos" corresponding to the previous work was very high and the operation was complicated, the system was somewhat simplified in this work



Jake Brain Main character. An AS pilot in the United Pacific States Marine Corps, assigned to carrier Versis' AS Squadron.

Claire Coral/Crea Coral Communications officer on board Versis.

Chuck Jonston/Chack Jonston Captain of Versis.

Francisco Flako/Geltz Enemy commander of Space Fortress Arc Nova. He is a small sized, ruthless man who has no qualms for civilian casualties as he tries to drop the fortress to Earth during the third mission. He pilots a gigantic mobile weapon. In Valken's manual he is named "Francisco Flako".

Alex Bedrach/Alef Berdach Enemy ace pilot. He appears during the fourth mission and becomes the nemesis of Jake during the game. He appears twice more in the final mission of the game.). In an orange light-framed, flight-type Assault Suit with two hovering short-burst bits.). As the final boss in a colossal Assault Suit with several major weapons: a high-focused laser, massive claw arm (which once destroyed turns into a high-powered machine gun), a multi-tipped short-burst array, a powerful cannon that fires four parabolic shells at a time.

Claus Von Meister Barron/Schermalk Enemy supreme commander. A ruthless military dictator that started the war. In the uncensored Japanese version, he commits suicide after Jake's Assault Suit raids the enemy's assembly building.

Apollo/Herman One of Jake's wingmen. He is a cocky, yet reliable pilot. He was killed off screen by Bedrach during the fourth mission, following the Versis' reentry and landing.

Mitch/Kurt One of Jake's wingmen. A more technical pilot. Through dialogue, it is shown he is adequate with the power and maneuverability of Assault Suit capability.



The soundtrack was composed by Masanao Akahori, and was later rearranged on a ROMpler synthesizer (the same synthesizer used to provide the SFC samples played back on the SPC700) and released as a CD in Japan. 



Depending on the stage, this work that will entertain me with that hands with enjoying an air fight with a booster and having time limit. For mechanic lovers, it may be the title of a spirit. 



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